Friday, February 22, 2013

The New Nomads, a New Series from Travel and Escape

I absolutely LOVE this series of videos!  This is an original web series by Travel + Escape called The New Nomads.  Each video features an individual or couple who left corporate life to chart a worldwide path of Adventure.  When you watch these people, it's difficult not to be nourished by their energy and enthusiasm.  They are free.  They are FREE.

This series may not have a direct connection with OPPT, but indirectly it does.  It shows a bunch of people who won't allow society to dictate to them what they can or cannot do.  Sprinkled in there are a number of gems -- fearlessness and self-empowerment.  In episode 8, Christine Maxfield talks about how money loses meaning with her as she naturally started to exchange value with no money involved.

Travelling like what these people are doing is definitely not for everybody, but I enjoyed this series for the wonderful sheer audacity of them looking straight at society and saying, "I can and I will walk a different path.  This path (corporate life) does not serve me."

Please note that this series is sponsored by Scotiabank, one of the five big banks here in Canada.  I know, but after the grimace, please try to overlook it and enjoy the content.

NEW NOMADS: Dave and Deb (Ep 1)

NEW NOMAD: Mike Corey (Ep 2)

NEW NOMAD: Sherry Ott (Ep 3)

NEW NOMAD: Barb Weibel (Ep 4)

NEW NOMAD: Natalia Kantor (Ep 5)

NEW NOMAD: Anil Polat (Ep 6)

NEW NOMAD: Charlie Grosso (Ep 7)

NEW NOMAD: Christine Maxfield (Ep 8)

NEW NOMADS: Michael & Stephanie (Ep 9)

Beyond Wanderlust: The New Nomads (Sneak Peek!)

The entire series can also be found at their website:

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