Tuesday, February 5, 2013

FreedomReigns Monday Radio

A good update can be heard from the latest Freedom Reigns radio show:


Brian Kelly from American Kabuki says that we're in the position of really getting organized.  Now putting together various projects to spread OPPT far and wide.

Volunteers are needed and can be sent to: opptgroundcrew@gmail.com.  In the subject of your email, type in "Support -- [skill set you can offer] [Country]"

Also on the show, Chris et al talked about a document they produced that will be posted on the oppt-in.org website.  It is essentially a notice so that many people can take and use it, especially for those who have immediate needs right now.  We are all private individuals dealing with each other privately.  This is now our current landscape.

Hope talks about the Fix the World Project.

Brian talked about the Press Release.

Lisa talked about the Flash Mob.


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