Friday, February 22, 2013


Global Fact Radio interviews Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf in this episode of Conscious Living.  This is the first time that Global Fact Radio has interviewed Heather about the OPPT and they received the most live listener in their show's history.  In fact, they've maxed out the room and has to open another room to accommodate 1000 more guests.

Along with Heather, retired Captain Deryl Zeleny of the Canadian Armed forces, was also featured.  Deryl relayed his experience about discovering the truth to Corporate Canada by following the money in one of his assignments.

After an introduction from Heather, most of the show was formatted around questions called in from listeners.  There appeared to be a lot of questions on the practical level such as enforcement, the ability to reclaim the world's assets.  Another trust was brought up.  Others centered around who the players are.  One listener asked who are the people behind the curtain.  Another listener was confused about the role of Saint Germain.  Listen to find out Heather's answers.

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